Getting Clients OnDemand
If you are aiming to start or grow a successful business
This New-Technology Software Brings you Sales on Autopilot!
These are just few services that
VMDropper will help you promote...
  • Lead Generation Services
  • Reputation Management
  • Real Estate & Financial
  • Local Offline Marketing
  • Video Creation Services
  • Social Media Management
  • SEO & PPC Services
  • Web Design And Development
  • Small Business Marketing
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • And Much More...
World's simplest and most efficient platform to Send Voicemail Drops

A new way to attract inbound customers at a low acquisition cost

VM Dropper Will End Your Days of Cold Calling!
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In Just 3 Easy Steps
VMDropper Will Make Your Phone Ring!
You Will Start Receiving Calls From Potential Clients Instantly!
Upload Your Contact List & Voice Message
To start working with VM Dropper, you simply upload a list of businesses phone numbers that may be interested in your services or products, then you upload a recorded voice message that explains your service or your offer. And its all you need to do to be ready.
VM Dropper will grant you access to the latest technology used by big players in the marketing industry, and it is by far, the most effective way possible to outreach and get new clients for your business.
Filter Your List & Send Your Voice Message
After Uploading your businesses phone list. You can filter by using our powerful Lookup Module. You can filter your lists and choose what type of phone number you want to outreach...
You can select by Mobile phone numbers, Landline, VoIP, or all of them at the same time. After that you just start running your campaigns to the selected list.
Your promotional voice message will be sent directly into the selected business owners voicemail boxes. Interested clients will call back, sometime minutes after!
In Just Minutes, Hot Prospects Will Call You
That’s correct! You don't call them, prospects will call you!
Soon after you start running your campaign, you will start receiving calls backs from potential clients; hot prospects calling you instantly! Those business owners will call you sometimes minutes after you start running the software.
They will ask you to help them with their SEO, video creation, social media management, marketing, reviews and reputation management, article creation, PR services, lead generation, video ranking... and more, depending on what service or product you are promoting, there are no limits!
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VM Dropper gives you a unique way for communicating your offers!
You will have a redoubtable marketing tool to add to your assets!
VMDropper Takes Advantage of The Latest Technology
This software uses a Unique Technology That Really Works and the results are Extraordinary!
By dropping your promotional voice message straight into business owners voicemail boxes...
No More Cold Calling!
Potential clients will call you back instantly!
  • Drops Your Message Into Mobile and Landline Phones.
  • Cloud Based Software. No Installation Required.
  • Works Internationally In Over 60 Countries Worldwide.
  • Works on Mac & PC Computers As Well As On Mobiles.
  • Secure, Reliable & Around-The-Clock Support Service.
  • Best-In-Class B2B Client Acquisition Software.

Mobile and Landline

With VM Dropper you can send your promotional voice messages directly into mobile or landlines business voicemail boxes.

Cloud Based

Our software is Cloud based application. All you need to start generating new leads, is a web browser and internet connectivity.

International Service

While Enhanced to work for all countries, VM Dropper is specifically tuned for the following countries: USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Germany, France...

Works on Mac & PC

VM Dropper works on PC and Mac computers. No need to install any software or application on your computer, simply connect to the web and you're ready to go.

Secure & Reliable

Your information, lists and projects are safe with VM Dropper. We implemented the latest security technology to save, encrypt, backup and protect our users data.

Legal Compliance

VM Dropper is a B2B application, it has been developed to be compliant with all federal laws. We are 100% compliant with FCC, FTC and TCPA regulations.
VM Dropper is the only software that has been Proven to Direct Clients To Your Door !
With over 97% Open Rate. VM Dropper will get you New Clients For Your Business Instantly !
VMDropper Has Loads of Powerful Features
Simple, Unique & Powerful. VM Dropper Will End Your Days Of Cold Calling
Efficient & Easy To Use Software
VM Dropper has been developed based on a very advanced technology and yet we managed to make the use of it so simple for the average marketer.
From the first look at your dashboard, you will have a clear and efficient view and access to all VM Dropper powerful modules.
VM Dialer VM Dropper
Dial, Record and Transfer your Calls
Call any prospect from any number to match your CallerID and their location.
Connect two calls... For example, you will be able to connect your Prospect to your Virtual Assistant on a call and record it.
This is powerful! You will have the ability to make your prospecting and marketing campaigns so easy to followup with.
Upload Your List , Lookup, Filter & Send
This is the heart and core of VM Dropper. Inside this powerful module you will be able to upload or manually enter your contact list phone numbers. You can also take a more in depth look at your list and filter it by mobile, landline or VoIP numbers by using the Lookup option, and then you just click on the Start button, your voice message will be sent straight into the selected contact list voicemail boxes.
Unlimited Phone Numbers Selector
Use as many phone numbers as you need, there is no restriction at all. You can use phone numbers from over 60 different countries and you can reach potential clients from over 1000 phone service providers.
On just a click, VM dropper will synchronize with your Twilio account and allows you to select any of your available phone numbers... Get ready to send in seconds!
WorldWide Timezone Selector
VM Dropper allows you to set your own timezone from all over the world. This will make your international campaigns easy to set and follow. You can work from the States, Europe, Asia, or any part of the world without having the headache of calculation if it is the right time to start sending your campaigns or not.
Detailed Reporting & Stats Module
Getting detailed reports for your clients acquisition campaigns is a vital part of any prospecting project. The Report Module will generate your reports live and automatically for each prospecting campaign you run.
Secure Your Access To VM Dropper At The Lowest Price Possible
This Automated Client-Getting Software Brings Sales on Autopilot!
This Sophisticated Software will Make Your Clients Acquisition Tasks So Easy
Best-in-Class Software!
Need Clients? No other software can match!
Mobile Friendly Marketing Tool
With VM Dropper there is no restriction at all. Our secure, web-based and mobile friendly software is the most efficient and flexible software in the Marketing industry today. VM Dropper is like no other.

Integrated Voice Message Recoder

Run Your Marketing Campaigns From Your Smartphone

Cross-Platform Software Works on both Android and iOS

World Wide Client Acquisition & Life of Freedom

Best VoIP Provider
Connect your Twilio account and take advantage of their rock bottom pricing.
Starting from as low as $1 per phone number, you can buy Local, International
and 1800 Numbers at the lowest prices and start promoting your offers worldwide!
Secure Your Access To VM Dropper At The Lowest Price Possible
What if you could Click Just One Button, and you started receiving Calls From Potential Clients ?
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If you’re a local marketer providing Lead Generation services, SEO, Video Creation & Marketing services, Reputation Management, Email Marketing, Social Media Management, or any Online or Offline Marketing Services, then You want new and effective ways to grow your business, get more clients and make more money… Right?
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Find the most up-to-date quality sales leads lists to use with VM Dropper instantly!

Scrape businesses phone numbers and start prospecting from day one!

Business Leads Scraper will help you extract local businesses email addresses, websites, zip codes addresses, phone numbers, Facebook business pages, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube aaounts, If SSL is available, and much more...
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You will have access to these two new tools
Made for Internet Marketers and Offliners
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Use the Business Graphics Creator and to create amazing graphic designs that you can sell. Create coupons, flyers, business cards, loyalty cards and more. For your business marketing needs or to sell this on-demand design and creation service using VM Dropper.
[$97 Value]

The Online Graphics Creator leverages the power of online marketing and creates headers, banners or any online graphic design for websites, fan pages, GoogleBusiness pages, Youtube channels and more… VM Dropper will make the selling process for these designs smooth, simple and so effective!
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A unique way for communicating your offers and getting new clients for your business!
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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is VM Dropper?
VM Dropper is a prospecting and client acquisition software, its capability allow you to drop a voice message directly into your prospects voicemail boxes. It can be used for offline and online marketing campaigns, service promotion and more…

It is a very POWERFUL marketing software, it ensures that your marketing message will get heard!

Is it easy to use?
Yes, Our software is easy to work with and withing minutes you can start running your first marketing campaign. You will see results really fast.
Don't miss this unique opportunity and secure your access before price goes up.

How do I install the software?
There is no need to worry about installation and maintenance. VM Dropper is a web based software and there will be no need to install future update or patches.

Do you offer support?
Yes. We offer around-the-clock support service for our valued costumers. Our support team can be reached by going to: support.vmdropper.com

Where VM Dropper can be used?
VM Dropper Works in all countries listed below:

United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, Romania, Dominican Republic, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, Slovakia, South Africa, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Mexico, Peru, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, Denmark, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Australia, Cyprus, Austria, Brazil, El Salvador, Finland, Belgium.

How many caller IDs can I use?
VM Dropper and thru Twilio API, you can use an UNLIMITED number of caller IDs to match your campaign location. You can use phone numbers from over 60 countries worldwide.

How many voice messages can I send?
You can send up to 100 per day.
Only successful voicemail deliveries will be counted and once inside you can upgrade your account for a higher daily limit that will match your marketing campaigns requirements.

Sending 100 voice messages per day, that means more than 3000 voice message per month. We are sure that it's a quiet enough to unsure your marketing campaigns success.

After launch period ends, plans will be billed monthly and no more One-Time-Payment-Offer will be available.

Is there additional fees & costs?
VM Dropper does not charge you for your communication usage. All communication expenses are billed directly through Twilio. Please note that you need a Twilio account in order to use VM Dropper. This will enable you to buy phone numbers and use our software. costs of phone numbers, minutes of communication usage, etc. are billed by Twilio at their selective pricing.

The cost per Voice Drop is based on Twilio’s app rate, which is “$ 0.0130/min” and this makes it the best price in the market.
For example, if your VM length is about 30sec, you can expect around $ 0.0065/per voice drop.
if you cut your VM length to around 15sec, you can expect around $ 0.00325/per voice drop… Yet another half of your costs are gone… Again!

Cut it to 5 seconds… Numbers will be Dust!
Find out more detailed information here: Twilio Pricing

But I already use email marketing and direct calling.
Most marketers are already using all other marketing tools and strategies that are available out there. Email marketing included, but some successful marketing agencies and some big companies are not sharing their secret tools with you guys. They are using the same technology as VM Dropper is providing you today.
The only difference is that we did make it so affordable for the average marketer, and with 97% open rate in your marketing campaigns. you get the very best marketing value.

OK. Is there a guarantee?
We believe in our products, their quality and we are so confident that you will absolutely love VM Dropper, that is why we are offering a full 7-Day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee…

Try out the software and if you are not satisfied with your purchase just send as a refund request at: support.vmdropper.com and we will give you a full refund. No Questions Asked.
Secure Your Access To VM Dropper At The Lowest Price Possible
Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and it's potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, and don't apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

* Lookup option does not provide results for Canadian phone numbers.
** VM Dropper does deliver promotional voice messages to most landline, mobile, and VoIP phone numbers, but for some providers and in some situations, this can not be done.

***NOTICE*** This site is in no way endorsed by, related to, or in any other way affiliated with Google.com, YouTube.com or Facebook.com.
Copyright 2021 - VM Dropper®

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