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About The Product


The End Of Cold Calling Software!

VM Dropper can be described as the world's simplest and most efficient platform to send Voicemail Drops. A new way to attract inbound customers at a low acquisition cost.

We've been doing online and offline marketing for years now and we know that this software will make a real difference for entrepreneurs struggling to get new clients for their businesses.

VM Dropper is a powerful client acquisition and prospecting software. It allows users to send a voice message to potential clients and get it delivered right into their voicemail boxes.

Within minutes from running a campaign, the voice message will be sent, the prospect will receive a notification on his phone about a newly received voice message.

More than 95% of voicemail messages are heard in less than 5 minutes from being received, and with this high open rate, the prospecting message will be heard most of the time... Guaranteed!.

We added some very useful features, addons and a complete Mastermind Live Training Course to help users get maximum results from our software.

We also made it so easy to use for newbies and expert marketers, and added short and easy to follow step by step video guide to help setup the first campaign within minutes and we will stand by our software to offer help, support and assistance.

Just few services that VM Dropper can help promote:

Reputation Management, Offline Marketing, Lead Generation,
Video Marketing, Social Media Management, SEO & Link Building,
Web Design And Development, Real Estate Promotions, Printing Services, Mobile Apps Development, and much more...


VM VoiceBox
After starting their prospecting campaigns using VM Dropper, users will start receiving many call backs from potential clients, VM VoiceBox will help manage all these calls by setting up an individual voicemail box for each and every phone number that has been used in their campaigns.
They can redirect calls, Setup customized voice announcement whispers, Have a live SMS & MMS chat with prospects on each number, Use the interactive text message autoresponder... And much much more!


VM Dropper White Label Edition
Marketing Software Sells Like Hotcakes!...
Let's help your users make and earn thousands of dollars selling this powerful client acquisition software as their own and keep 100% of the profits!
They can rebrand VM Dropper as their own, put their own logo, brand-name... and keep 100% of the earnings.
They already know how valuable VM Dropper really is, and what an easy sell it is.

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  • Launch Day: 16th February, 2022
  • Launch Time: 11 AM EST

Here's Why You Should Join Us!

Quality Product
We've put a lot of time and effort creating and developing VM Dropper and we insured thru a rigorous testing process the quality of our software. Powerful upgrades and options are also planned to be added very soon.
Customer Support
Our support team is so talented and we will provide around-the-clock support service for all our software. We are aiming to build a long term relationship with our affiliates and clients and we will be proactive in helping and guiding you thru any issue that you may face.
Attractive Audience
VM Dropper is a very powerful software that can help any online or offline business to get more clients and sales. It can get clients for Lead Gen Services, Video Marketing, Reputation management, SEO, Web and Graphic design... ect.
Huge Commissions
With a proven to convert funnel that offers an amazing and highly converting suite of software, and over $3000 in commission. This can make a real gain and a nice cash flow that will come in a short period of time!

and the promise to reciprocate in your future launches!

We Have A Great JV Contest

Over $3,000 In Prizes

2nd Prize
$500 Cash
50 FE Sales minimum

1st Prize
1st To Hit 100 Sales
$1000 Cash
100 Front-End Sales minimum

3rd Prize
$250 Cash
25 FE Sales minimum
... and many more Surprise Contests to win!
Important: To qualify for main contest prizes you must make equal or more than the prize payout in commissions.
If you don’t make the equal or more amount of commissions, then you’ll be paid out the amount you’ve made in commissions depending on your prize winnings.

Our Solid Sales Funnel Converts

Promo Tools & Bonuses
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Best Niches:

Local / Offline Marketing - Lead Gen / Pay Per Call - Reputation Management Angle - Video Marketing - Social Media Management - SEO & Link Building - Web Design And Development - Mobile Apps Development - Real Estate Promotions - Real Estate Promotions - Printing Services - Classified Advertising...

Long Subjects:

- [Your first client] Powerful client getting software is all you need!
- [UNIQUE SOFTWARE DEMO] Easy-To-Use software to prospect & sell
- How To Land High Dollar Clients With This Powerful Software
- [OFFLINE] HQ Client Acquisition Software Brings Results In Just Minutes!
- If You Hate Cold Calling... If You Need Clients... You Must See This!
- Your Wait is Finally OVER! Get Pay-Per-Call Clients In Just Minutes!
- Let's Talk about...VM Dropper... The New Getting-Clients Software
- [Lead Gen Software] Give yourself the best chance to succeed...
- [Discover] The reputation management biz is BOOMING! But How To Get Your First Client Fast?
- Businesses NEED HELP With Their Reputation! Learn How To Make Them Call You Asking For Your Help!
- Last Chance To Land New Clients With This New Software (Reputation Management & More!)
- New Software - 100% EFFECTIVE "Reputation Management" "Offline Marketing" Your First Client Within Minutes?
- Creating videos is easy, selling them to local businesses is easier!
- Find ready-to-buy local businesses and sell your videos withing minutes!
- This is how I sold my first online service [Video Creation For Local Business]
- This Software Sells Your Video Creation Service To Local Business

Short Subjects:

- The real secret to generating local biz leads!
- [Local] The Fastest Way to Get Paid?
- Can I help you get a client?
- Getting local clients like pulling teeth?
- Offer lead-gen services to local businesses
- [NEW] Lead Generation GoldMine Software!
- This Is a MUST-Have If You Want To Profit BIG!
- You deserve the BEST.. Get VM Dropper
- [IMPORTANT] The Number One Opportunity To Hit in 2022 – Grab It.
- How To Land Reputation Management Prospects Fast [New Software]
- [Reputation Management] Cold Call Eliminator Software
- HUGE Demand for Reputation Management Service
- How to sell videos to local biz?
- Your 1st Client winthin minutes from now!
- A new client will call you in a minute!
- Run this software. Clients will call you!

Email Body Samples:

Email 1


If you are still strugling to find
local clients in 2022, this is for you!

The software released is called VM Dropper
and it can get you your first client within minutes!


Wether you want to manage just a few
offline clients or become a local marketing agency,

VM Dropper will certainly help!

Seriously, its so easy, even my
girlfriend is gonna give this
a shot!

Here is the link again ----LINK----

You really don’t want to miss out on this
one, and I highly recommend you get in
while the price is extremely low.


Have an outstanding day.

[Your Name]

Email 2


As a consultant you know that finding clients is a tough job.

Not Anymore!

Check out this brand
new software that gets you
unlimited clients with
few mouse clicks along
with special bonuses from
the link below:


This is the ideal tool that will help you generate leads
and convert them into paying clients!

See it for yourself: ---LINK---

[Your Name]

Email 3


If you’re not already in the ‘Reputation Management’ niche

…… you’re missing out – BIG TIME.

This new software lets you do 100% EFFECTIVE to get clients
and start making REAL PASSIVE income (with no work if you outsource!)

It drops your pre-recorded voice message into potential clients for your business
from all over the world (and make profits without you having to make a single call)


Here is how it works,

[+] Step #1 - Record or Upload your voice message.

[+] Step #2 - Write, Paste or Upload your list for prospects phone numbers.

[+] Step #3 - Send your voice message and wait for call backs from interested clients!

I mean, hundreds of businesses then start calling you back
offering to PAY you to fix their reputation management problems for example...
Small businesses are only too happy to pay hundreds of dollars to have these problems fixed.

Think about it, you only need one or two positive replies a day
to start making hundreds of dollars a day with a fully automated system.

Don't missout this oportunity!


[Your Name]

Vmd all b

We Are Launching On...

  • Launch Day: 16th February, 2022
  • Launch Time: 11 AM EST

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